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Investment plan experts in the Cayman Islands

Cayman is recognized as a leading financial centre, providing many opportunities for those who want to invest in a better future. At Cayman Offshore LLC, we take great pride in helping our local and expat clients make the most of their money.

Who are Cayman Offshore LLC?

Cayman Offshore LLC is wholly a Caribbean’s premier investment company. We specialise in delivering independent investment advice to clients with an array of aspirations. We’re proud to be a long standing investment management company, with a close-knit team of knowledgeable experts.

Our expertise covers a range of areas, including wealth management, retirement planning and education fee planning. All our advice is carefully curated to ensure it is adapted to individual requirements, and we pride ourselves on providing a truly bespoke experience.

Why should you work with Cayman Offshore LLC

Our experienced financial planners work with hundreds of clients each year, helping them to find and navigate the path to their financial goals. This expertise has resulted in so many success stories. For many clients we provide much-needed ongoing support as their plans grow and develop over the years.  

Since opening our doors, our team has built up an in-depth understanding of the local market. This means we’re well placed to offer detailed advice that can be adapted to suit any number of financial goals.  

What do we offer?

We deliver advice and support in a range of areas related to investments and savings. Some of the most common areas where our clients require help include general wealth management, capital investing, savings and education fees planning.

Cayman Offshore LLC also has leading expertise in retirement planning offering tailored advice to all locals and expats living and working. We deliver ongoing advice, so all investments can be continually reviewed as your priorities and plans change.

Get in touch with Cayman Offshore LLC today to receive a complimentary planning assessment and find out how we can help you